Monitoring server rooms is about monitoring the availability of systems through a Server & Network Monitoring tool and monitoring the conditions in which they operate using environmental sensors.


Wired & Wireless Sensors

A wide range of off-the-shelve sensors grouped per category to monitor your critical facilities and infrastructure sites.

  • Environmental Sensors
  • Power Sensors
  • Security Sensors
  • Industrial Sensors

Sensor Gateway

SensorGateway: the base unit with built-in temperature monitoring sensor

On-board features: IP temperature sensor / web server (HTTP or HTTPS) / alerting via email, voice call, sms / SNMP, Modbus, XML / base unit for the environmental, power, security and industrial sensors

  • Wired Sensor Gateway
  • Mobile Sensor Gateway (2G, 3G, 4G)

Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

Web based platform to centrally & securely monitor, report, alert & control on your sensors

Main features of the Monitoring platform:

  • On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Premise
  • free iOS & Android app
  • map view
  • sensors view
  • trending & historic data
  • share sensor data
  • alerts history & configuration