Special Offers:

Migration Discount

To celebrate the launch of the AWS UAE Region, EEMC will offer a reduced rate on the migration of on-premise or other region servers to the AWS UAE Region.

Proof of Concept

Are you looking to explore cloud deployments for the first time? EEMC will offer a proof-of-concept deployment at the new region to evaluate the benefits that cloud offers.

Cost Optimization

Do you have existing workloads on AWS? Our experienced team can provide well-architected reviews and cost optimization reviews on your existing workloads.
Our Cloud Offerings:


If you still store your data on premise, you run the risk of losing it to hardware failures. One infectious USB or a bad power supply can cause irreversible damage. Cloud storage mitigates these risks by periodically backing up your data and providing ubiquitous access to information.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is an important part of business continuity planning. How your company plans on delivering services following a natural or human-induced calamity defines your commitment to your core values and customers. On-premise solutions take weeks, even months to recover from disasters; cloud-based solutions, however, enable you to conduct business without any disruption.

Business Intelligence

Retrieving actionable information from heaps of raw, unprocessed data can be a challenge. You must remove outliers, identify patterns, and generate dashboards; all the while ensuring that newly generated data is also duly accounted for. However, none of this would feel like a hassle if you have a cloud business intelligence solution.
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